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Profiting in real estate starts with finding property owners – people – that want, need and are willing to sell for the best price; that’s the common denominator of a great deal. Brixsy’s property profiles help to understand a property owner’s debt picture, motivation, desire to sell and backstory in addition to property value and condition.

property profile

Logging into brixsy gives you access to a property profile on every property in the areas we cover, regardless whether or not it’s on the market. Some information is more important that others when evaluating real estate and brixsy’s Property Profiles will guide you by indicators that are most telling of a property owner in distress and an opportunity as an investor.

Property Ownership and Contact Information

Zoning, Description and Size

Comprehensive Tax Information Including Delinquent Tax Information

Utility Information

City Violation Information

All of this is available in a property profile at no cost.

debt profile

No matter if the debt is voluntary like a mortgage or involuntary such as a judgment or lawsuit, all of it is needed to understand the price a property owner may need to get for a sale, putting a buyer in a better negotiating position and not wasting any time. Comprehensive debt is also a major factor in understanding how motivated a seller may be and where the best opportunities for the most profit are.

The challenge is that judgments and liens are recorded and kept in various different places and are typically managed by name, not address. There are also different rules of law in each county and state regarding what attaches to property and for how long. Compiling the data is hard enough, understanding what judgments and liens attach to a property and applying the rules of law is incredibly time consuming and costly. This is why a typical title search costs so much and takes so long.

Brixsy can deliver comprehensive evaluations of all debt attached to a property in minutes.




Civil and Other Suits

When you order a Debt Profile, we don’t just deliver a pile of raw data for you to sort through. All of the judgments, liens, suits and mortgages that have been recorded in public record are examined in detail by a brixsy auditor. We eliminate any records that clearly don’t attach to the property or belong to its owner and deliver you a clean, understandable roadmap of the property owner’s debt.

Our brixsy auditors are highly trained, have an average of over 16 years of experience and are ready to deliver you the information you need to make deals in about 60 minutes on any property.


The market value of a property is determined by using comparable properties in the same way an appraiser would. brixsy delivers an AVM (Automated Valuation Model) that will guide you to understand what a property is worth, including the high and low range.


Working with your title company shouldn’t be disorganized or difficult, especially if you’re working on multiple transactions at once. Settling on property with brixsy means a single dashboard where you can look at every settlement, its status and all of the communication and documents between you and your title company.

Order title and settlement services with a few easy clicks

Email as you always do and we’ll post all of your communication with the title company in one place for easy reference

View and post all documents relevant to your settlement in one place and keep track of everything

With brixsy property and debt profiles complete, the title and settlement process can move much faster to get you closed

If you have a preferred title company, please let us know so we can invite them to work with you through brixsy.