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property search

Traditional title searches are designed for title insurance agencies to manage risk and insure transactions for properties that are already under contract. At brixsy, property searches are designed to give you a snapshot of a property's valuation and encumbrances. With property searches, there is no commitment. Find the information you need to make informed decisions with property searches from brixsy.

property evaluation

In a world of information, it's easy to get lost along the way. With brixsy, data is more than words and figures. Property profiles help lay the groundwork for informed investing. Evaluation services provide a snapshot of a property's worth, use, taxes, and more. Get to know your potential investments and do your due diligence differently, with brixsy evaluation services.

full reporting

Full reporting helps you evaluate a property and understand its investment potential. The team at brixsy will show you additional information related to your property search. A detailed report of a property will uncover judgments, display currently open mortgages, and calculate an Automated Valuation Model. While full reporting offers an in-depth look, it is an enhanced snapshot of a property's profile. Reporting, done by our team of professionals, may include additional information related to judgments. When you close with brixsy, your closing agent will take an extensive search to identify records.

close with brixsy

With brixsy, settlement services and title insurance are just a click away. Our team coordinates with local title agents. Login to your brixsy account to communicate with your closing agent, share and receive documents, and insure your real estate investment.

professional review

Delivering an accurate picture of liens, judgments, and mortgages is a complicated process. In order to satisfy mortgages, a brixsy professional must read mortgage documents to deliver accurate results. Most judgments are indexed by name, not address, which can make it difficult to distinguish between property owners with similar names. Currently, the rules which define the duration and whether a judgment attaches to a property vary from state to state, and in some cases from county to county.

Learning to navigate these nuances with precision requires years of experience. At brixsy, we've built a system to audit data and deliver results to you, the user. When you order a full report, you'll receive a property evaluation completed by a team member with deep title industry experience. A professional is just a click away and is standing by to review, interpret, and deliver results. Be informed with a professional review and do your due diligence differently.